Body States & Medically Unexplained Symptoms


Saturdays May 7th and September 10th.


 A group & individual exploration of body states, which may be drawn from dreams, medically unexplained symptoms or life situations & blocks! For practising therapists with at least basic experience of working with the body. This is an opportunity to experience different approaches to identifying, embodying and making sense of body states: most especially recognising their significance & how altering them impacts on how we are in the world.

Drawing on the work of Stanley Keleman, Arnie Mindell and many others, we will explore through various familiar & less familiar modes: noticing energetic/felt sense, identifying body states, sculpting posture, movement & witnessing, enactment & dramatization, interrupting & ‘redrawing’ behaviours, exaggeration & minimising, choosing ‘how to be’. We will also have access to paint & clay, and to sandtray, as optional media for exploration.

This is a very participatory and experiential day, though absolutely at your own pace. You are invited to ‘drop story’ and learn through experience. I aim to foster a supportive, safe atmosphere where we can explore and feedback without self/other-judgement. Your own exploration can feed & inspire your therapeutic work with your clients.

Day starts 11am and ends 6pm.

Venue: Chequer Studio, Ely.

Price £100 incl. refreshments. Lunch to be purchased separately (I suggest we go as a group to Samovar café, where they serve a range vegan and vegetarian as well as meat options – however there are a range of cafes in Ely if preferred or if you want ‘time out’).

Places very limited, so we can work sensitively as a small group.

You may attend either both days or just one: each will ‘stand alone’ in having unique themes.

Participants will receive more information ahead of the workshop, and a certificate of attendance for CPD purposes.

Participants will be practising as psychotherapists and working towards being/already registered with UKCP (or equivalent level of experience).

To book please contact me to check availability of places: