Connected Breath

I offer breath work sessions as either stand alone or as part of a psychotherapy process.

Your connected breath is medicine. It brings more energy in a relaxed body, living instead of surviving, with less drama and stress in your life. 

Over time I see the difference in presence: less entanglement in everyday life, more authentic experiencing in the moment and ability to make more authentic choices. I become more connected with the beauty of life.”

The simple process of supporting the development of a more full and relaxed breath brings greater amounts of oxygen into the body. It can bring clarity of mind and purpose, and address blockages on the physical, emotional or energetic level. For many it also opens a deeper spiritual connection. Experience ‘held’ in the body can be released so that we reach a more integrated way of being, in connection with ourselves and others.

Without a strong healthy breathing pattern in place we easily lose ourselves. When we learn to stay with the breath and stay with what’s happening, we stay in the here & now. Whatever is blowing around you, when you have connected breath it doesn’t have to knock you off balance: you stay in your centre, in the eye of the storm.

In life, the energetic imprinting of what we received as a child repeats over and over again, supported by the body’s ‘armouring’: we are not in the moment, but taken up with our unresolved trauma. Now, we can learn to just stay with the breath. The practice connects us with what has been repressed – fear, anger, grief – ultimately freeing us from limiting patterns and pressure. We no longer need to run away from undealt with emotions, or project onto others.

I experience more consciously: instead of reacting, there’s peace, honesty and clarity. I have a deeper connection to my authentic, powerful, loving self.”

I have trained as a connected breath coach in the Netherlands, and I combine this with twenty years of skills as a body psychotherapist.

This approach draws on Michael Brown’s personal journey, which he has written about in his book The Presence Process, and additionally uses pressure points to support the flow of breath

It is a powerful way of working, and can be undertaken 1to1 or in ‘breathing circles’ (a group).

Individual sessions cost £80-90 for around two hours.

Details of forthcoming breathing circles can be found on the following page.

Please contact me for any more information. Thank you.