Embodied Spirituality Programme


Testimonials and Feedback from previous workshops:

“Positively nurturing and wonderful” Georgina

“Exceeded expectations. A good relaxed atmosphere created” James

“Lindsay is concerned with community and significant, co-operative relationships. This is translated into a philosophy of active involvement, combined with a humanity and heartfulness. She has a capacity for gentleness, intimacy and great empathy.” John

“ Thoroughly enjoyable and playful. A good balance between theory, physical movement experiential role plays, group sharing etc.” Aaron

“A very well planned and effective course. The meditations and the exercises were relaxing, calming and full of amazing insights. I feel as if I have been introduced to another world by that alone!!” Judith

What do the workshops involve?

These workshops develop direct experience, felt sense and embodiment. Theories underpinning the work are less important than your own experience. The work acknowledges the Spiritual without requiring any particular belief system or knowledge. However, you may bring your own.

We begin through connection with the Everyday Self and deepen experience related to the Human world, the Natural World and the Spiritual.

We explore with a combination of imagery – primal painting – 3 dimensional art – found objects – embodiment – felt-sense – grounding – moving – dancing – channel changing – energetic experiencing – shamanic journeying – meditation – stillness.

The energy of the group makes a deeper exploration possible: in connection and in relationship. Yet, the experience may be personal, internal and quiet. You are encouraged to find the level of participation and space that best supports your own experiencing.

Processes begin with attunement to Being at all levels, and attunement to inner listening. A variety of exercises develop this inner connection, leading to coherent action. Activities take account of co-creation with nature . Some involve rituals with the basic elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water.

The Workshops

Workshop 1

• Developing groundedness

• Deepening presence

• Exploring energetic connection and somatic resonance

• Strengthening connection with nature

• Listening to intuition

Workshop 2

All the above, and in addition

• Deepening a sense of intention

• Strengthening connection with movement and

with stillness

• Exploring essence

• Developing vision and manifestation

Workshop 3

All the above, and in addition

• Strengthening connection with the collective and

with the world

• Developing compassion

• Understanding service

• Exploring co-creativity

Programmes are suitable for anyone experienced or engaged in a supported process of spiritual development who feels interested in these approaches.

For therapists and others, programmes have CPD certification.

Please see the following page for details of forthcoming workshops.

You are welcome to ask any questions to support yourself. Feel free to contact me and ask!


Programmes take place in different venues in the UK and Europe.

Please enquire for other related workshops as well as for tailor-made programmes.

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