Advance Notice: FINDHORN FOUNDATION – 22nd-27th June 2020: Horses, Sense and Soul – a spiritual adventure!

This is the third time we have run this workshop for Findhorn Foundation in Scotland.

It is always very popular and will sell out. Advance notice: next workshop is 22nd-27th June 2020.

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Below is an article written for The Findhorn Foundation’s Rainbow Bridge, May 2017.

This is a special opportunity! We have been developing our particular Equine Led Therapy combined with Body Psychotherapy since 2008 – and have created great experiences for many, including with teens, with adults at risk of mental ill health & for therapists’ professional supervision & training.

The approach involves no riding, includes safety tips (Pam is a horse specialist, Lindsay is  an experienced psychotherapist/supervisor) & requires no prior experience. We only like to know about allergies and other relevant information to ensure your well-being – and that of others (including the horses).

Horses have evolved a high energetic sensitivity to keep themselves safe. This makes them extraordinarily accurate ‘mirrors’ of internal processes: unprocessed emotion, intention, contradiction. They transmit through the herd and are amazing ‘amplifiers’ of energies they perceive – so humans attending to resonance can do so more easily. They are also acutely attuned to whether we are present in our body. They respond to us more fully when our mind, body and spirit are connected, and challenge us in a non-judgemental way to make connection with these parts of ourselves – to become more potent and more alive.

Interaction between the human herd and equine herd can be still, playful, gentle or dynamic – and often deeply moving. This week at Findhorn will be structured and yet spacious. A good amount of your time with the horses will have an intentional focus of Co-creation and Interdependence – a theme of particular relevance to the Findhorn Community. Though the ‘work’ also finds its own direction, through respectful, mindful interaction with the equines. It is deeply soulful, heart-opening work, which touches those watching as well as those participating.

“This horse changed my life…. He did not judge me, unless I judged him”

The horses we are interacting with this week are based 6 miles drive from Forres, which we will travel to by minibus.

In building-based group time we will be deepening and exploring with meditations and embodiment/energetic awareness exercises. We introduce various physical/energy-based practices (mindfulness practices, movement, artwork etc.) to support a deepening of connection, and assimilation of experiences.

“A very well planned and effective course. The meditations and exercises were relaxing, calming and full of amazing insights. I feel as if I’ve been introduced to another world by that alone!”

This often surprising, transformative work explores energetic & spiritual relationships to horses, nature, self & other. Ultimately, it supports growth of self-responsibility, aliveness to spirit, an unfolding of conscious, compassionate interdependence with non-human realms.

We will have a limited number of spaces on this unique week, so do not leave it too long to book!

Booking is open, and is through the Findhorn Foundation website or by telephone, as below:

Findhorn FoundationFF_logo
The Park
Forres, IV36 3TZ
Scotland, UK

Tel: +44 (0)1309 691653



If you are unlucky and do not find a place available, lets us know direct. We will continue to offer other workshops.

Below is the full article from The Rainbow Bridge, May 2017:

Horses Sense and Soul: a spiritual adventure

Saturday 15th – Saturday 22nd July

With Lindsay Fovargue, Pam Billinge, Marja Kujer, Sue Grice, Frodo, Tian, Beanie and Bobbo.

“This July we’re away from The Foundation: up in the hills on a small farm, with rolling fields and an assortment of animals, including some happy guinea fowl and a sheep that responds when called by name. Just imagine in this moment you are watching an interaction between equine and human from the field edge, or about to have some 1 to 1 time with a horse yourself . . . . .

In some situations we suggest you set up a ‘constellation’, or obstacle course, using tyres and poles and buckets. With a whole field to work in, you’re invited to tune into yourself and place these wherever ‘feels right’. It might represent aspects of a process you are engaged in (finding your calling; improving a relationship; making an important decision), or key events experienced in your life (a series of illnesses), or a group of people (your work department) . . . Whatever is represented will be particular to a theme you want to work with.

Equines survive on the wit of their sensing abilities, and so are way more ‘tuned in’ to us than we often are. They are also beautiful to observe in their own right, and they offer something absolutely their own: not simply a mirroring and amplification of our processes. What unfolds out of that combination can be way more mysterious & magical than any description in words can do justice to. Tears of deep surrender and joy are guaranteed before the week is out.”

(Contd. From Rainbow Bridge)

“Each person in the group will likely ‘work’ differently with the horse(s) during the week, relative to a theme or guided by an over-lighting quality, and within their own comfort zone. I’ve been present at sessions where there’s a fence between person and horses from beginning to end, or when person & horse have run together, or lain down on the grass together . . . the creative ways of exploring are endless and don’t come from head-level: they unfold. It is very much about following your truth and the truth of the moment: fearful or bold, curious or playful, observing or dynamic. It’s often a deeply moving experience. It is never a demonstration of acquired skills! Which is sometimes an extra challenge for folk who know lots about horses to get over.

So, with your constellation, set up, you might decide to ‘walk with your horse’ (with support & guidance if needed) and visit each aspect or obstacle in turn – or to allow the horse to go where it pleases. Not as mundane as it sounds!! When the equine gets very curious about one particular ‘aspect’, starts rolling on it, picking it up with its mouth, or settles down to sleep next to it – or others come over to check out what’s going on – you will get the message! The horses naturally respond energetically, reflecting yourself and your energy field back to you, with no judgement or ‘edge’. For them, whatever is, just IS. In that respect, this week is about working with awareness of your energy and the impact it has. The horses can explore with us at our own very personal learning edges in a rather awesome, heart-opening and beautiful way. They also bring a way of being and experiencing which is HORSE: not a version of being HUMAN.”

Lindsay Fovargue

Marja Kujer

Pam Billinge