What is the type of Psychotherapy I offer?

Good psychotherapy offers you a context in which to deepen your understanding of yourself, your relationships and your difficulties, with the hope of living more fully.

The way I work takes account of you as a person in the world, and as an energetic system  in your body. It is more than being simply solution-focused. However, you may hope to:

  • Explore how you relate to others, as well as to yourself
  • Explore & develop your life direction & purpose
  • Be more at ease with yourself and with others
  • Feel less anxious, overwhelmed, stressed or drained
  • Release patterns and tensions held in the body
  • Feel more present, embodied, vibrant and alive
  • Develop a stronger, more secure sense of yourself
  • Make a deeper connection with what is  meaningful in your life
  • Deepen or support a spiritual journey

Psychotherapy is a personal journey and a unique process, coloured by individual history and experience. Once you begin Psychotherapy, we will decide together which approaches best support your individual process. This may change over time.

I am experienced in a combination of approaches which can support your process:

  • Talking therapy, taking account of current neuro-scientific research
  • Psycho-spiritual approaches and an awareness of how energy works
  • Body Psychotherapy and Breathwork: exploring sensation/ somatic symptoms and supporting the flow of breath
  • Techniques which invite the release of deeply held stress
  • Gestalt approaches which help us “come to our senses”
  • Imagery and the creative imagination, including art making
  • Meditation practice and relaxation techniques
  • Biodynamic Massage : a simple, semi-clothed holding & light pressure which invites freeing & balancing of energy to help you contact your emotional & energetic self

All of the above takes place as a joint exploration, within the context of a therapeutic relationship. Deeper awareness of your experience of yourself & your experience of others  can bring a greater fulfillment to your life Here and Now.