What is the type of Psychotherapy I offer?

Good psychotherapy offers you a context in which to deepen your understanding of yourself, your relationships and your difficulties, with the hope of living more fully.

This is a Humanistic approach to psychotherapy. It is more concerned with your growth as an individual and as a member of the groups you live in, rather than simply solution-focused. However, you may hope to:

  • Be clearer about who you are & how you feel
  • Explore & develop how you express yourself
  • Be more at ease with yourself and with others
  • Feel less anxious, overwhelmed or stressed
  • Release stress which is held in the body
  • Feel more present, embodied, vibrant and alive
  • Develop a stronger, more secure sense of yourself
  • Become aware of unconscious beliefs and usefully challenge them
  • Explore how you relate to others, as well as to yourself
  • Make a deeper connection with what is  meaningful in your life

Psychotherapy is a personal journey and a unique process, according to individual history and experience.

Once you have begun your Psychotherapy, we will decide together which approaches best support your individual process. This may change over time.

I am experienced in a combination of approaches which I can draw on in support of your unfolding process. These might be:

  • Talking psychotherapy, taking account of current neuroscientific research
  • Gestalt approaches for “coming to your senses”
  • Attention to sensation and somatic symptoms
  • Imagery and the creative  imagination, including reflections from Jungian approaches
  • Expressive & creative arts, using a range of materials
  • Body Psychotherapy,  including exploration of breathing, posture and behaviour, and how these impact on internal experience as well as reveal unconscious processes
  • Techniques which invite the release of deeply held stress
  • Meditation practice and relaxation techniques
  • Biodynamic Massage : a simple, semi-clothed holding & light pressure which invites freeing & balancing of energy to help you contact your emotional & energetic self

All of the above takes place as a joint exploration, within the context of a therapeutic relationship. This is an important part in our work together.

Deeper awareness of your experience of yourself & your experience of others, as it unfolds, can bring a greater fulfillment to your life Here and Now.